Do you Farm Against the Machine?

Though the Earth is destined to perish as the Sun expands in several billion years, this is not excuse to allow the casual destruction of our current environment through profiteering and negligence, further accelerating the demise of our Biosphere.  It is imperitive that we recognize a time and place beyond ours for the future of all life from Earth, taking action every day as we attempt to Farm Against the Machine (FATM).

FATM is about promoting the idea that EVERYONE should have the opportunity to live the entirety of their life healthy, and in the pursuit of their own happiness;  FATM looks past religious and political affiliations, race, class, gender and everything else in support of this one goal.

We all deserve to live free of unwanted poisons caused by pollution of the earth through ignorance and avarice.  We all deserve the satisfaction of living in the wealth and balance of our abundant environment, not subject to a world pillaged by greed, destroyed in the search for individual and corporate profit. FATM stands as a united voice decrying Pollution, Corruption and other factors contributing to the further desecration of our Environment and the denigration of life everywhere.Image

Participation in Harm Reduction is necessary on a global scale, and everyone can participate, wherever they are.  Every time someone disposes of trash that they didn’t generate, they Farm Against the Machine.  Every time You choose to take a Reusable bag to market or grocer, You Farm Against the Machine.  Every time food is locally sourced and acquired from a sustainable, fair-trade entity, free of adulterants, or clothing & other products are acquired from area producers, the ‘Machine’ is made beholden to the Farm.  The ‘Farm’ is him.  The ‘Farm’ is her.  The ‘Farm’ is all people, everywhere.

Do you Farm Against the Machine?


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